The Company Of Faith


Text: Mark 2:1-10

Topic: The Company Of Faith

Surround yourself with people whose faith are more than yours... if there should be anybody around you.

The worst kind of people to have around you are the pity parties.

God does not answer our prayers alone, He answers our thoughts too, be careful what your mind conceives and thinks about.

In every environment of faith there are 5 categories of people 1 Sam 17:20-30

- The Observers: waiting to see the result of your faith

- The Faith Supporters: Mutivate your faith and tell you it can be done

-The Faith Answerer: This is God, He brings it to pass and hastens the results.

-The Faith Doubters: Those who don’t see your faith working.

-The Faith Carriers: Carry and exhibit the faith

Don’t waste time around people who kill and deflate your faith 1 Sam 17:30

Be careful who speaks into your life or who talks around you and who you listen to.

The work of faith is a tedious work but it’s reward is tremendous.

To build “Your Faith” (Romans 10:17);

You must listen to the “Word of Faith”

You must hang around “People of Faith”

Live in a “Faith Environment”

There are no words “negative” or “positive” that are useless... You must counter every negative thoughts and words for faith to manifest.

You need faith for the journey of life

There are no words or declarations that are useless. You have to counter such words or thoughts

The last person that speaks into your life will either build you up or bring you down

Before Jesus tells you to walk on water, He must have built a bridge under the water.

Don’t wait to get to the end to believe God, believe Him before you begin. That’s how the faith of God operates.

Nobody’s heart is permitted to exist without words.

Everything we say is never external. It is already contained. The heart contains more than enough.

Words are not just mistakes. They are extensions of the over flow of the heart.

Words are an overflow of the content of the heart. Proverbs 23:23


- The faith filled heart (Luke 6:45)

- The negativity filled heart

- The empty heart

Information managing is destiny deformation - don't keep what will kill you...

If anybody with less faith must come around you, they should come to learn from you and not to argue with you.

You don’t have forever to make/create an impact, that’s why you shouldn’t spend forever with people who deflate your faith (Habakkuk 2:3-4)

Don’t manage friendship and don’t manage company.

No vision can be fulfilled without “your” faith

The “fuller” you have the Word

The “fuller” your faith becomes

The word of God is to our faith what food is to our body.

You don’t see to believe you believe to see . You grow your faith by acting on your faith.

Anything you thank God for multiples. Thanksgiving builds your faith.


1. The Word Romans 10:17

2. Praying in the Holy Ghost (Tongues)Jude 1:20

3. Joy Isaiah 12:3

4. The company you keep Proverbs 27:17

5. Your thoughts Provers 23:7

6. Faith Action (walking/working by faith) John 6:11

“You don’t see to believe, you believe to see” 2Corinthians 4:13

-sometimes faith comes out in a mockery form

7. Thanksgiving: Anything you thank God for multiplies John 11:41, 6:11

We reason in the direction of what we hear

Our lives end up in the direction of what we reason


“Vision written is vision half fulfilled”





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