Updated: Oct 8, 2021

You must value people, if you don’t value relationships then you can’t escape loneliness

People make you have things you can’t personally achieve on your own

Whatever adventure that must be done great must be with synergy. It must be in a team work

Decipleship is not something that is done from afar, it must be by physical and constant touch.

Ephesians 4:3&16

When a unit is not supplying as it should, it affects the whole system. Amos 3:3




When these work together there is full light.

A successful team is a group of different hands but one mind.

  • coming together is the beginning

  • Working together is for success

  • Continuing is key

If the organization must be healthy, we must have healthy teams

The people who follow you are those who give credibility to your leadership.

TEAM: is a small number of people who will do great things when they bring their complementary skills together in pursuit of one purpose or a common goal of which they hold themselves accountable

Also is a group of people kneatted together, proper organization brings about excellence

To have an excellent performance, you must have a check list to determine if the things needed for the service is available

You don’t have a great team if you don’t have each member of the team very good

How to build a high performance Team:

  • Define the team purpose and goal

  • Define clearly the specific task the team is set to accomplish

  • Define the skill set and competency of the needed team member

  • Define who is qualified to be in that team

  • Deliberately communicate with clarity so as to make every member

  • Define clearly what each team member should contribute to the success of the project

The principle of the big picture “the goal is more important than the role”

The principle of the meek “all players have a place they can fit in finely”

Everybody has a place to function tremendously.





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