Proverbs 10:22

When seed fails to meet harvest or harvest fails to meet harvest poverty will be ravaging

Life is a circle... when you begin a point without a seed you will come back to meet no harvest.

If there is pain and sorrow; then it’s not from God.

It is God who gives blessings... when a person struggles all his life to get wealth, the wealth leaves before he dies or scatters immediately he passes away.

There is a difference between seeing results and getting results.

The blessed and the wicked alike experience night and day in their lives.

The difference between two people is called “the blessing”

For the blessings to manifest or come to pass there are instruments God uses (Numbers 6:22-27)

God expects us to give credit to every blessings in our lives to Him if He must bless us.

Use God’s name as a seal to every blessing that He puts upon you Number 6:24

Isaiah 42:8 God does not reject credit, He deserves it. (Proverbs 10:22) It is God who blesses us and not our hard work

The day arrogance steps in, resistance begins... God fights the proud (1 Peter 5:5) “there are people who God helps fight, He can’t stand them.

A younger person should regard the elder and the elder should likewise esteem the youth.

The devil can’t fight a proud person, God does 1 Peter 5:5 “whatever makes a man arrogant will outlive that person”

Whatever God has done for you let the world know that it was the Hand of God that blessed you.


  1. The PRIESTS (Servant of God): Genesis 49:1-2 God’s Prophets are the most key instruments when it comes to the blessings of the Lord. Deuteronomy33:1 & 6 the Priests are the custodians of the blessings of God. 2 Chronicles 20:20

-The Nature Of The Blessing Proverbs 10:22

(Comes from God and complete)

“THE BLESSING” -is a compound word that contains everything in it for every and anybody who is willing. The most a person can give you “a” blessing but only God can hand to you “the” blessing. The blessing from God contains every other thing. If it is from God it is complete.

-How The Blessing are transferred

  1. By declaration (Prophetic declarations) Genesis 49:5-10, Deuteronomy 33:7-11. When your Spiritual father blesses you in God he blesses you indeed. God does not give partial blessings. 33:12-29

  2. By the laying on of hands

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