How to Start a Business and be Successful in it

Welcome to Our Leadership, Career & Entrepreneurship Meeting

Ministerying: Rev. Godwin Abba

Topic: How to Start a Business and be Successful in it.

Text: Deuteronomy 28:2


Life is more spiritually than physical. The basic foundation of life is premised on the ground of the Lord! 1 John 5:4

Everything about life is competitive, the earlier you understand that the greater advantage that you have.

Looking at the scriptures again, it says what ever is *born of God* overcomes the world. And God want you blessed in anything you do!

Being Born here represent conceived, developed, created! So what ever God starts he finishes!

What are the things to be done.

*1. Get a Name:* Get a name that is attractive and meaningful! Be creative and purposeful about the Name of your business or organization. It is the first point of contact. If the name makes no meaning the company heads no where.

*2. Analysis the General Environment:* Do a feasibility study of the business location. 2kings 2:19. Decern the environment, wether it is cursed or blessed! This will help you apply spirit solution to spiritual challenges and physical solution to Physical Challenges. Find out the source of business thriving or failing! And ensure that solution are provided accordingly. Most importantly be Spiritually sensitive to your busines environment. Particularly in our generation people don't do business anymore with clear hands, so hold in to God.

*3. Generate Sound Business Ideas:* Let God show you ideas concerning the business you want to venture into! Whatever the Lord gives, he keeps! This comes from deep thinking and meditating on God and the purpose of your business. Joseph was cheated until the Lord gave him ideas. Genesis 31:4-12 Everything Jacob operated on are divine ideas! For you to be extraordinary, you must be a person of divine creativity and ideas. Just as your creator is an embodiment of creativity so you should become. Challenge yourself with new thoughts, new concept, new methods etc. Ideas that will outwit those ahead of you. Creation is a product of divine ideas!

Always remember that there is a professional part and there is a prophetic part.

The professional part polishes you, while the prophetic part empowers you to take over the market place!

*Prayers:* Father empower us to become an embodiment of your ideas and solutions to our generation! Let our ideas be well sorted out!

4. Apply to the government agencies in your environment. Be registered under the policies of the Land. It certify's you to be eligible to do business in the land. Taking it further, patent the idea, name and concept. It gives you sole ownership of the concept. This gives you leverage to do business with the Government, international bodies and also allow for opportunities for people to trust your business.

5. Partner with God: Anything doesn't bless is cursed. Genesis 31:13. As believers you do business differently from what others do their business. Operate under the principles of Kingdom financing. Remember whatever God gives, He keeps! Most of the people you celebrate check their source!

Remember that whoever Partners with God the Lord elevates and announce!

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