Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Godwin Abba

The challenge is not the challenge, the challenge was that you were not prepared before the challenge came.

God does not justify weakness, weakness is just a state and must be overcomed. In discovering your strength:

Discover Your Assignment (“Calling” for the Season): Eph 4:10-12 All callings are callings but not all callings are the same. You must be a specialist in your field.

You must know to the office you have been called. We all have major auction and great potentials in preordained particular offices, but there are grace distributed. When you can't identify your calling, you are bound into confusion. In this season of a “Global Pandemic”, while others may be loosing funds, others would be gaining them. While others may be loosing relevance and businesses dying new ones will be springing forth, so now is the time to “Discover Your Strength”.

In Discovering Your Strength, beware that there is a calling in every aspect of service in the Kingdom and relevance to Humanity. Even the ministry of HELPS.






Three states you must not find yourself in this period:

1. Despodency: To feel lockdown in your dreams, visions and goals in hopelessness.

2. Insufficiency: to feel inadequate, lacking mental, moral and spiritual power to do things.

3. Timidly: the lack of courage and confidence, unprofitable shyness and exhibition of cowardice.

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