Carol Service 15/12/21 The gift of Jesus is the major and overall turning point of humanity.. And this is what we call -the beautiful gift with the beautiful things that you and I enjoy. There are people who think that without Christ they can survive; according to the government system... they feel that all gods are the same Romans 1:1-4 Jesus’ divine nature show us He is the Son of God and His physical nature tells us He was born of man (because He must manifest in human for




YOU SHALL END THIS #YEAR WELL. As this year comes to a close, you, your family and loved ones shall enjoy full PPP (#PROVISION, #PRESERVATION & #PROTECTION) Make the remaining Sundays of this year remarkable and memorable Sundays in your lives; 12th, 19th and 26th Dec, 8:00am. Then Friday 31st, 9:30pm: CROSSOVER SERVICE. Present your written expectations. #WACIABUJA #GODWINABBA #RESET

The Company Of Faith

#WORD AND #COMMUNION #SERVICE Text: Mark 2:1-10 Topic: The Company Of Faith Surround yourself with people whose faith are more than yours... if there should be anybody around you. The worst kind of people to have around you are the pity parties. God does not answer our prayers alone, He answers our thoughts too, be careful what your mind conceives and thinks about. In every environment of faith there are 5 categories of people 1 Sam 17:20-30 - The Observers: waiting to see th

TOPIC: THE GOD OF NEW THINGS SUB-TOPIC: Keys to a new beginning with God (or a change of story)

WAPCON2021 (DAY5 EVENING) 3/12/2021 THE CHANGE OF STORY We serve a God who is a specialist in new things. The elephant'ss child does not pray to be big. “Bigness” is inside it. Everywhere the enemy senses potential he releases resistance. If your impact in adulthood will be massive, your battle in childhood will be heavy. Battles surround the birth of great destinies. It is good to stand on the word of God but it is very important to word on the stand of God. The lion's child


THE #CHANGE OF #STORY Pray, Plan and Prepare; join thousands of people whose stories MUST change. Date: Nov 29th - Dec 5th, 2021 Venue: Word Alive Centre Int'l between Drumstix and Access Bank 1st Avenue Gwarimpa Abuja #WACIABUJA #GODWINABBA #WAPCON2021

- 7 types of guys to avoid in marriage - 8 types of ladies not to marry.

#MARRIAGE AND #RELATIONSHIP SERVICE WHO NOT TO MARRY 8 types of ladies not to marry. 1. The Crying baby. 2. The Spend freak. 3. The insincere lady. 4. The possessive/obsessive kind of lady. 5. The need driven kind of lady. 6. The comparing/competing woman 7. The nagging woman. 8. The selfish/self-centred kind of woman. 7 types of guys to avoid in marriage 1. Don't marry a Boy. 2. Don't marry the indecisive. 3. Avoid the control crazy 4. Don't marry a mummy’s boy. 5. Avoid the

THE FINGER OF GOD. Evng. Mike Denigan

From; LEADERSHIP AND CAREER SERVICE TOPIC: THE FINGER OF GOD #RESET #GODWINABBA #WACIABUJA The Lord wants us to prepare for what is coming and for His coming. Men are more afraid of the Devil than of the Love of God! The finger of God is the Supernatural manifestation of God in the natural. You know if one has encounter the burning bush by the way they live. You have been called out to go back in. If you make the Kingdom of God about your struggles, you willl never go where